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Bondi Beach, a suburb of Bondi, Australia, became a public beach only after it was privatized in 1882, and a beachfront bathing area with a view of the sea was built around it. Now, the beach here has become a huge tourist attraction where people come to soak in the cool waters and lie on the warm sandy beach.

Eat, drink and shop with the locals in this laid-back eastern suburb of Sydney. Alternatively, you can take part in some of the water sports that have made Australia famous and swim in the ocean with them.


The Bucket List (Bondi Pavilion, 1 Queen Elizabeth Drive) is located right on the beach and is the perfect place to cool off after a day at the beach with a pot of cider or Australian homebrewed beer and a plate of snacks. There is a large outdoor seating area with glass windows in front of the bar, which are permanently open in the summer to let the salty sea breeze blow through.

The brick and wood interior of Bondi Hardware (39 Hall Street) is offset by the greenery throughout the venue, which hangs from the ceiling, planters on the bar and floor. The dim lighting and friendly bartenders create an inviting atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the signature cold cocktails while they sip. The restaurant also serves food, from snacks like salt and pepper calamari to large dishes.

Tuesday night at Bar 34 (34 Campbell Parade) brought open mic night to the waterfront. It initially looks like a small bar, but it’s downstairs on the dance floor and spacious outdoor seating around large wooden tables overlooking Bondi Beach. Musicians play on one of two stages, either downstairs for dancing patrons or in the main bar, allowing live music to filter through open windows into the street.

At The Rum Diaries (288 Bondi Road), you can choose from a variety of rums to add to your classic mixology or cocktail. Gothic candlesticks illuminate the dark wood and red-walled interiors, and the menu reads in italics with an authentic pirate feel. Outdoor seating is available with a choice of dining tables and benches, as well as more comfortable sofas and soft lounge chairs.


A Tavola (79/73-75 Hall Street) makes fresh pasta every morning, with new ingredients every day, from fresh seafood noodles to spaghetti bolognese and sausage ravioli, and the menu is constantly changing. The dining room is decorated in classic Italian style, with a bench dining table in the middle for mixed dining and small tables on the outside. The mini-bar offers refreshing Aperol spritz, crisp Italian whites and full-strength red wines.

Mojos Tapas Bar (32 Campbell Parade) serves Australian and Spanish tapas in a relaxed and fun environment. Full glass fronts offer beach views, the interior of the restaurant is decorated with wood paneling and poster art, and there is an area at the back of the restaurant for more secluded dining. For dessert, it was hard to resist, the gooey red date pudding and strawberry fondue were great to share.

Sushi has taken off in Australia, with counters and restaurants all over the place. For sushi in Bondi, try SOY Japanese Restaurant (3/38 Campbell Parade). They serve cold and hot sushi, and it’s all ready-made, along with other Japanese classics like tempura, wasabi steak and miso soup. The décor of the store is modern: black and white lighted brick walls with bench-style wooden and steel dining tables.

Bondi Icebergs Restaurant (1 Notts Avenue) is located on a rocky outcrop overlooking Bondi’s south face, and the interior is light and airy, drenched in the blue of the ocean and a crisp breeze. The restaurant’s wraparound rooms and lounge chairs are lined with different shades of blue cushions, filling the otherwise bland and modern interior with color. The menu includes seafood, meat and vegetarian options with cocktails, wine and beer.


Trio (56 Campbell Parade) has a menu with a hint of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences, with simple, fresh, healthy food. There’s a daily breakfast and lunch here, where you can get your daily dose of wheatgrass and green juice with a vegetarian shakshuka or a simple avocado and egg toast. They also have sweeter dishes; pancakes, French toast and fresh muffins are all on the menu. Whether you dine inside or outside the restaurant, there are ocean views.

Located on the corner of Lamrock Avenue and Campbell Parade, Lamrock Café (72-76 Campbell Parade) has a large outdoor seating area overlooking the beach, and overhead parasols to keep you cool. Get the beach vibe with a fruity smoothie, topped with pancakes, breakfast pancakes or egg bento, amidst the pink wooden booths and sea breeze.

Round yogurt breads and piles of pastries line the window at Sonoma Bakery and Cafe (10/178 Campbell Parade). There are breads, chocolate breads and other French pastries to try, as well as a few Australian specialties such as buttered banana bread. Savory dishes include ham and cheese croissants, quiches and muesli. In true French and Australian style, you can enjoy a freshly ground coffee with your meal.

At Skinny Dip (97 Hall Street), you’ll get the most delicious food. There are pastries, baked egg yogurt buns, fried breakfasts, cereal, French toast, pancakes, bagels and scones. The laid-back, bar-style dining continues along the entrance window; a great place to grab a hot drink or smoothie. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available.


When the seas are calm, rent a paddleboard at Bondi Surf Co (80 Campbell Parade) and venture out into the clear Pacific Ocean to see what marine life you can find. It’s a great way to soak up the sun and exercise your upper body and core muscles without worrying about getting too hot; you can always jump in the ocean for a cool ride.

If the waves are too big for board surfing, then join local surfers and try out the ultimate Australian hobby.Let’s Go Surfing (128 Ramsgate Avenue) hires a variety of boards depending on your skill level. While waiting for the surf, you can meet the residents of Bundy, where you can enjoy the peace that the ocean brings.

To get to know the underwater life of Bondi Beach, dive at the Bondi Dive Center (198 Bondi Road). They can take you on a guided shore dive at Ben Buckler Point in North Bundy. There are some interesting caves and swimming passages in the rocks. The maximum depth is 18 meters, but the current can be strong, so diving is only recommended for experienced divers.

Going to the beach is an activity in Bundy, whether it’s walking or running along the promenade or sandy shore, soaking up the sun on the golden sand, or swimming in the blue waters of Bundy’s Iceberg Pool (1 Notts Avenue). Huge pools of rock were filled by the waves of the ocean breaking through the rock barrier.


The Bondi Market (Bondi Beach Public School, Campbell Parade), open only on Sundays, has a variety of stalls, including accessories, clothing and artwork. Local designers, artists and shopkeepers set up stalls to display their work. Here, you can always find something unique to buy.

Bondi Bather (4/157 Curlewis Street) offers bikinis or singles inspired by Bondi’s personal style. The high quality fabric is highly UV resistant, preventing bright colors from fading in the sun. The white walls are plastered with wave-like posters and brightly colored printed swimsuits. No trim is needed except for the wood and steel used in the store furniture.

Step through the glass facade and straight into the Scandinavian-inspired interior of Nimble Active Wear (49 Hall Street), with all-white walls lined with soft wooden shelves and feature boards, scattered potted plants and vintage exposed bulbs. The lights in the store are more for display than to provide light, as the sun shines through. The innovative workout clothes are sold here and were developed with the vibrant town of Bondi in mind.

From cards to cushions to plants and plates, Abode Homewares (25 Hall Street) sells a range of beach style and French-inspired items to decorate your home. The store is full from floor to ceiling, with a wide variety of furniture in the windows and throughout the store.

Ice cream and ice cream.

Bondi’s Messina Gelato (6/61 Hall Street) sells a healthy selection of ice cream and sorbets to refresh you on a sunny day. These sorbets are vegan, but that doesn’t mean they lack flavor; the Pandan and Coconut sorbets are full of tropical flavors, and Gelato’s flavors range from classics like chocolate chip or coffee to unusual and unique flavors like apple pie or fig jam and amaretti cookies.

A large curved counter at New Zealand Natural (1/178 Campbell Parade) showcases the brand’s full range of ice cream. Promoting New Zealand’s values through their ice cream shop, their ice creams are healthy drinks made with fresh ingredients produced in New Zealand. If you want to try different flavors, you can also opt for Whippy ice cream (called Flos) and a chunky milkshake (made with ice cream).

Enjoy your favorite Ben and Jerry’s calories at the Bondi Scoop store (138 Campbell Parade). This little shop has just enough space for an ice cream counter. You can choose from their signature flavors, or you can sample their new products. Walk across the road and sit on the grass and enjoy an ice cream while looking out over the horizon.

The classic white and beige striped backdrop and neon italicized signs convince you what Gelatissimo (3 Hall Street) sells, and Gelatissimo’s ice cream counter runs along the arc of the store’s back. There’s a wide variety of ice cream desserts, including cookie sandwiches, cakes, Belgian waffles and, of course, ice cream and sauces packed in a tub or cone. Here are a few small tables for your dessert, which can be a little too messy to eat outside.

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