Where To Book Barcelona Apartment Rentals?

Few places in the world have as many attractions at once as Barcelona, the cosmopolitan city of Catalonia, Spain. Stunning architecture, year-round warm weather, long sandy beaches, superb restaurants and museums, and one of the world’s most jaw-dropping cathedrals attract a large number of visitors each year, and the city’s creative and business spirit attracts many to study and work here for long periods of time.

Barcelona has a very active market for both short and long term rentals, with a large number of agencies looking for suitable rental properties for visitors to the city. If you’re looking for a Barcelona apartment to rent for anything from a week to a few months, we’ve done some research and come up with our top three suggestions on how to find one that fits your budget and needs.

Where do you live?
HousingAnywhere is our top recommendation for long-term rentals in Barcelona, where there are around 1,000 rooms, studios and apartments to suit every budget and location. As an award-winning global service, the platform does not rent out listings, but rather brings together landlords and property searchers. The advanced online booking service allows renters to secure their homes before they arrive in the city, saving them a lot of hassle and allowing them to show proof of residency to potential employers. Rich features include a community guide, new property search alerts, a dedicated customer service team and a real-time messaging service that allows renters to chat directly with their landlord, making the whole process very convenient. Renters can request a full refund if they are within 48 hours of moving in. The fees are also reasonable, with HousingAnywhere charging a small one-time service fee, which is about 25% of the first month’s rent.

Friendly rental services

Barcelona-based Friendly Rentals is a company that specializes in short to medium term apartment rentals and offers an excellent selection of apartments at very competitive prices. The company offers hotel-style convenience and service for business or leisure travelers, but with added privacy, increased space, flexibility, comfort, location and lower per capita costs. All of its apartments are carefully selected and renters are supported by a dedicated customer service department during their stay. Booking is also simple and dates can be selected using a live calendar.

Barceloneta suites

Barceloneta Suites Hotel offers new, stylish short-stay apartments, located next to Barcelona’s famous city beach. The apartments have been fully renovated, retaining the charm and style of the original quadrangle (30 sqm quadrangle) and are part of the city’s architectural heritage. All apartment buildings have a roof terrace where you can sunbathe and relax.La Barceloneta (“Little Barcelona”) is a former fishermen’s area dating back to 1753 with 5 km of Mediterranean beaches, just a short distance from the famous Ramblas and the Gothic building district with its many exciting restaurants and bars.Barceloneta Suites is a small local company that markets apartments directly to its guests, most of whom are long-time customers. All apartments in this company are legally registered in Le Barceloneta and are respected in Le Barceloneta hotels.

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