Where To Book Cheap Parking At Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is located in the West Midlands region of the UK, and for many UK holidaymakers, the airport is ideally located, with over 12 million people flying in and out of the airport each year. In fact, it is the seventh busiest airport in the UK, offering flights throughout Europe and the world.

To reduce the stress of flying from such a popular airport, you may find that the easiest way to increase the length of your trip is to drive yourself, rather than relying on public transport. To help you choose the right parking lot for you, we offer three different services to suit your budget.

Birmingham Airport offers different car parks for passengers, all of which have CCTV and regular security patrols depending on whether you drop off or stay for the duration of your stay.Car parks 1, 2 and 3 are the most convenient as they are located next door to the terminal.Car parks 4 and 5 are only a three to ten minute walk from the airport, while car park 7 is a five to ten minute bus ride away. There are also EV charging points in the Premium Set Down car park for £28 for up to 24 hours, £78 for three days and £8.50 per day thereafter. You can also book in advance online for savings of up to 70% and a guaranteed spot in the car park.

Airparks Drop and Go allows you to park your car in the parking lot, which is conveniently located on all highways. Simply park in the arriving car park, check in at the front desk, collect your pick-up ticket (keep it safe during your vacation), and hop on the free shuttle bus that leaves every 25 minutes and arrives at the airport about 14 minutes later. When you get back, just take the bus back to get your car. If that sounds like your choice, then Airparks Drop and Go prices are from £3.49 per day and £27.99 per week for purple parking.

If you want to make your journey to and from the airport easier, then book a “pick-up service” and have someone else park for you. Simply drive your car to the designated rendezvous point, hand over the keys to the driver, and the driver will park your car in a secure parking lot. When you return from your vacation, your vehicle will be ready and waiting for you not far from the terminal. You’ll find the cheapest options on Looking4Parking, which will search for multiple carriers and deals and could save you up to 60% if you book in advance.

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