Where To Buy Cheap Tickets Of New York Giants?

The New York Giants were founded in 1925, when Tim Mara bought them for $500. He spent another $25,000 to keep the team afloat before they finished their first season. The NFL was in its infancy at the time and it was believed that New York City needed a team to increase overall fan attendance and national media attention. At the time of this writing, the team had four Super Bowl victories throughout its history, two of which were against the New England Patriots.

Getting game tickets allows loyal Giants fans to see the action in person, but finding the best provider of football tickets can sometimes be challenging. We looked at various sources for cheap Giants tickets and found the best places to get seats at the 82,500-seat MetLife Stadium.

Ticketmaster tickets are verified and guaranteed. Since tickets can only be stored on your phone, the risk of fraud is also extremely low. Ticket prices for Giants home games vary, but there are a variety of options available. Here are the lowest ticket prices for the first five home games of the regular season at MetLife Stadium. Giants-Jaguars $82, Giants-Saints $106, Giants-Eagles $109, Giants-Redskins $100, Giants-Bucaneers $73. Fans will have the option of adding parking to their ticket prices to make it easier to check in when they arrive at MetLife Stadium. About 20 percent of the cost is expected to be added to the base cost of the game ticket as well. There is also an option to add insurance to the tickets to allow fans to request a refund if they have problems traveling to see the game or health issues that prevent them from attending the game. This costs $7 per ticket when purchased with them or $15 per ticket when purchased separately.Ticketmaster also offers additional services such as parking passes.

StubHub is a ticket buying site similar to Ticketmaster. Here are the lowest ticket prices with Ticketmaster for the final three home games of the 2018 regular season at MetLife Stadium.Giants-Bears $77, Giants-Titans $59, Giants-Cowboys $125. The choice of seats and whether or not to purchase any additional items with the ticket determines the overall price.StubHub also adds about 30 percent to the base ticket price, which is about 10 percent more than what you’d pay at Ticketmaster. Fans have the option of adding a parking pass to their Giants tickets to make the process easier once they arrive at the venue. Unlike Ticketmaster, there is no insurance to cover buyers if unforeseen circumstances cause them to miss the game. So it’s worth considering for those who may have tough schedules or factors that could prevent them from attending.

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Season tickets for the New York Giants make it possible for fans to attend every home game. Season tickets also make it easier for fans to choose their favorite seats and sections to watch players play. Season tickets cost somewhere between $2,350 and $4,490, and where the seats are located in the stadium affects the overall price. Those who choose to purchase season tickets instead of individual game tickets can take advantage of a variety of perks: club member entrance, pre- and post-game sessions, supplemental refreshments after each game, the opportunity to meet the players and pre-sale opportunities for other events held at MetLife Stadium. There does not appear to be a waiting list for Giants season tickets. Teams typically give priority to those who have 2018 season tickets and want to renew them for the 2019 season.

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