Where We Can Buy Cheap Yankee Tickets?

If you want to buy cheap Yankees baseball tickets, this process can be a bit difficult. Where can I get tickets that are not only affordable but also legal? Here are a few of our favorite providers for purchasing individual, group and season passes, along with the additional costs and payment options you can expect. Make the best choices for your upcoming trip and enjoy America’s favorite pastime!

TicketMaster is the official ticket marketplace for the Yankees 2019 season and usually offers the cheapest ticket prices available. Just search for “Yankees” on the site and you’ll get a list of upcoming games. You won’t automatically see starting ticket prices by searching, so it’s a little difficult to immediately gauge which games will be in your price range. However, let’s take a look at a game on June 21, Yankees vs. Houston Astros. Prices range from $17 to $385, depending on where you want to sit. To select your tickets, you click on the section of the stadium you want to sit on the map, or you can use the search function to sort the available tickets by price or location. The map will zoom in and show you the individual seats, so you can further personalize your experience based on whether you like aisle seats, middle seats, etc.

Let’s say you want to buy a seat above the away team’s bullpen. The price of the ticket alone is $37. The cost includes roughly a 15% service fee and a $3.30 order processing fee, for a total of $46.10. The order processing fee is always $3.30 no matter what your ticket price is. You can choose to receive your tickets by mail (postage charges apply), by any phone call, or through the mobile app.

Stubhub is MLB’s official fan-to-fan marketplace for tickets. On the site, you can easily search for tickets to the upcoming Yankees game you want to attend, whether it’s a home or away game in New York City. The starting ticket prices are listed next to each game, so you know what type of price range to expect. Generally, midweek games are more affordable, while weekend games and playoff games are more expensive.

Let’s look at the same Yankees vs. Astros game we just watched with TicketMaster.Stubhub has more tickets overall, but at a higher price. Seats in the same section are $46 before any fees are added. When you pick your seat, Stubhub does a good job of giving you examples of the view you can get from that seat and explaining the seat features and ticket disclosures. When we get into the cost, we can see a 24% service fee and a $2 fulfillment fee (the same no matter what your ticket price is), making the ticket price $59.04. There’s also an additional ticket purchase guarantee so that if you can’t attend an event due to illness, unemployment or a travel accident, you can connect to the helpline 24 hours a day and get a refund. In general, then, you can expect Stubhub to have more tickets available, but the overall cost is more expensive than what you’ll find on TicketMaster.

Direct purchase
If you are looking for group season or group tickets for more than 10 people, these can only be purchased directly through the Yankees Ticket Office. The Yankees offer a variety of different ticket plans that include preferred seating for all designated games, as well as a range of amenities. You can purchase tickets for the entire season, or for part of the season. Partial season tickets will allow you to attend 9, 12, 16, 20 or 41 games. In addition, if you upgrade your season ticket to a Yankees Premium Ticket, you will receive access to the Legends Suite, Champions Suite, Delta SKY360 Suite, Ford Filed MVP Club Seats and Jim Beam Suite.

Group tickets for groups of 10 or more are sometimes available at a discounted rate. In addition, groups will find a group welcome message, group leader vouchers, trip posters and discounts for early ticket purchases on the left-center field video board. Reserving group tickets is not simple, however, and requires you to fill out an application and go through a sales account manager at the Yankee Ticket Office.

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